Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions

Chronic diseases are among the most prevalent and costly health conditions all throughout the world. A chronic condition is one that lasts for more than one year and necessitates ongoing treatment. In the U.S., almost half of all Americans suffer from at least one chronic condition.

Many of us seek the help of Western medical doctors to manage our chronic conditions. We use pharmaceutical drugs for chronic conditions such as digestive issues, anxiety, and pain. The problem is that these drugs treat the symptoms, not the underlying cause. They also often result in distressing side effects.

Traditional Chinese medicine is an ancient health care system. It has a long history of proven success in treating many chronic diseases. It is based on the premise that humans are a reflection of the larger universe, interconnected with nature. Any imbalance with nature can cause disease and illness. Traditional Chinese medicine seeks to restore that balance, to treat the underlying cause of the illness.

At Merry Clinic, we treat many common chronic diseases from a holistic perspective, using all-natural herbal medicines. These herbal formulas are gentle, with no side effects. An added benefit: They may even help to prevent other significant ailments in the process.

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